Charles Parker Newton. One part human, two parts beast, and one part boner jamz.

Parker began his proud theatrical resume with a foray in the realm of character acting, at the esteemed Universal Orlando Resort. Playing the role of Donkey from Sherk and Man of Fire #2 in the Wild Wild West Stunt Show, Parker stunned audiences of all ages with eerily accurate donkey movement and a well pronounced fear of fire. After receiving a slight burn to his lower torso during a live stunt show performance in which he fell into the audience engulfed in flames, Parker departed central Florida for the forest drenched mountains of Portland, Maine.

Parker continued to hone his pretending craft at the University of Southern Maine, landing prized roles in the college's theatre department. These parts included Gerard Derpardu in My Father the Hero, Glen the Potty Mouthed Janitor in High School Tales from the Crypt, and Dr. Everett Scott in the Rocky Horror Picture Show. Parker graduated six and half years later with an associates degree in Drama and an Herbal studies certificate that hangs proudly over his fake fire place. Following graduation, Parker left Vacationland for the bright lights and urine soaked streets of New York City. His first project, Mysteries of the Universe, is a truthful portrayal of a hardened life in Harlem. With the runaway success of Mysteries, Parker rode this wave of stardom to Alaska. He bunked up with the hairiest men on the face of the planet while producing and starring in a documentary about the World Beard and Mustache Championship. Parker earned the "Most Milk Stained Beard" award and returned to New York City with a heavy heart and a newfound respect for combs.

Parker currently resides in Brooklyn working as a freelance production assistant, couch carrier and entertainment for hire. He can been seen acting in the web series "It's Ok! I'm an Actor" and as a Russian doctor in the Travel Channel Series "Mysteries of the Museum". Parker would like to thank Jerry Garcia, ice coffee and snickers bars for making his transition from boy to man-actor as seamless as possible.